The Walk for Water

The walk for water on Saturday 23rd May 2003 - The three peaks challenge

The children of Kamplala and the surrounding villages fetch and carry water from a local watering hole. These children were as young as 5 years old and the water was being carried in 25 ltr drums on their heads for a distance of approximately 1 mile.

We were determined that we would do all in our power to help relieve this burden from these unfortunate children and their families and improve their standard of life at the same time.

In consultation with an engineer it was agreed that the best way forward would be to provide a pipe-line, which will link two villages. The estimate of the cost for this project is approximately £25,000.

These children walk the equivalent of SNOWDEN, BEN NEVIS and SCARFELL PIKE at least 10 times per year carring water.

As the time draws near we need your help..... Please be part of something important ... please be someone important.

With your help we can climb these mountains once and eliminate this.