Kamuwanda Joseph

Kamuwanda JosephAge: 11years old.

Joseph was abandoned in Mityana by unknown person . He was taken to Nagulu Reception centre for care and protection by Mityana Probation officers. He was admitted to Greenland Orphanage for further care and protection and care on 26, November, 2003 through a court order. His favorite activity is playing football and aspires to be a Teacher.

Walayo Brian

Wolayo BrianAge: 15 years old.

Brian was born on March 15, 1998. Brian was brought to Greenland Orphanage by Reverend W.makabuli on September 15, 2004. Reverend Makabuli had been taking care of Brian after he found Brian abandoned at the Mbale bus park . Brian is currently finished his primary level (school) and he is going to join secondary school this year 2013 and he passed with good marks. Brian is the clever kid out 26 kids. His favorite activity is playing football and he aspires to be a Lecturer.