Nulu Kanene

Nulu KaneneAge: 15 years old

Nulu was born on July 8, 1998. She lost her Father in 2001 and was under the care of 80 years old grandmother. They lived in a grass thatched house which was in vary poor condition. Nulu was brought to Rochdale orphanage on November 28, 2003 with her sister, Safina Mbwali. She currently studies in primary 6. Her favorite activities is singing and she aspires to be a musician.

Atwagala Kulusum

Atwagala KulusumAge: 10 years old

Stella (Atwagala Kulusum) was born in July 5, 2003. The date of birth is gassed, She was abandoned by unknown person at the Nagulu Reception center gate on May 11, 2004. She currently studies in primary 3. Her favorite activities are dancing and aspires to be a teacher .

Farhaz Asgar

Farhaz AsgarAge: 4 months old

Farhaz was abandoned at the police station kyebando in wakiso District and was brought at the orphanage by kyebando police is 4 month old.

Kasumba Joseph

Kasumba JosephAge: 5 years old

Kasumba was brought to Orphanage on April 15, 2009. He was 2 years old by that time and was abandoned by his parents. Kasumba is currently studying in Nursery School were he is developing every day. His favorite activity is dancing and singing and he is aspires to be a pilot.

Fatuma Mariam

Fatuma MariamAge: 11 years old.

Fatuma was born on 5, April 2002. Fatuma's parents died on AIDS in 2003. she was placed under the care of her Grandmother but she was unable to care for Fatuma. In 2006, Fatuma was admitted to Greenland Orphanage. She was tested positive for HIV and she now on HIV treatment.she currently studies in primary 5. Her favorite is Dancing and she aspires to be a bank manager.

Nsubuga Bilal

Nsubuga BilalAge: 2 years

Bilal was found by the local police at the side of the Road in kawempe when he was just a month old. Because our NGO is registered wit local Authority, The local police man brought the abandoned Baby to Greenland Orphanage on July 11, 2009. He currently he studying in nursery school and his favorite activity playing with Rehema and Farhaz.