Meet the Children

20353 323879392572 2204940 nMeet the children of Greenland School and Orphanage. You will get to see where we spend your donations and also get a chance to see what a difference every penny makes to a child's life. All of the children at Greenland School and Orphanage benefit from your contributions and you can make a fantastic difference not only to their current life but also a major impact on their future.

Greenland School and Orphanage provides a good standard of education to the children who we take in, from basic English language skills to how to take care of themselves in the future so they can become the ambassadors of their own country and help educate and support others.

About Rochdale Greenland Orpahange

The Rochdale Greenland School and Orphanage appeal is a UK registered Charity established in Rochdale, Lancashire in June 2001.

It was established by Mr Rafiq Ahmed Arien and his family after a visit to Kampala, Uganda when he saw the conditions of poverty that many orphans and victims of AIDS had to live in.

Mr Rafiq Arien and his family are former Ugandan refugees who on settling in Rochdale in the 1970's have established a successful retail and wholesale electrical business.

Together with his friends Councillor Paul Rowen and Mr Terry Mason they established The Greenland School and Orphanage Appeal which is raising money to build an orphanage and school in Uganda.